Proposed Indiana Law To Require Schools To Regulate The Singing of the National Anthem

The text of Indiana Senate Bill 122:

The bill requires the Indiana Department of Education to develop “…standards and guidelines for the words of the national anthem and accompanying music that are acceptable…” and will require “each state educational institution” to establish procedures for “…making a record of any performance of the national anthem covered under this section, including provisions to maintain the record for two (2) years…”

So let me get this straight…we are cutting back on education funding…instituting teacher merit pay…limiting teacher’s rights to collectively bargain…and now the Department of Education gets set to decide standards on HOW TO SING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM…and we are going to make schools CREATE RECORDINGS OF PEOPLE SINGING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM AND HOLD THOSE RECORDS FOR 2 YEARS!!!!

All together, class, can we say “A WASTE OF TAXPAYER’S TIME AND MONEY!”

Class dismissed.


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